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Welcome To RLGA's Mail-back

Welcome to Medion's take-back program provided by Reverse Logistics Group Americas, Inc. (RLGA). RLGA will ensure recycling and disposal are performed in an environmentally sound manner that complies with all governmental laws and regulations.

Medion and its partner RLGA are not responsible for information left on equipment returned through this program and will not be able to return any equipment once you have handed it over to a collector or transporter used for the purpose of returning your equipment.

Medion recommends that prior to returning equipment for recycling, that you back up or transfer any data on the hard drive or other storage devices and then delete any data on the drives and devices. Additionally, for removing data on Computer Hardware, it is further recommended to use a variety of available data-erasing software applications available and follow the instructions associated with the software to ensure data is removed from the machine prior to returning for recycling.

This program is only available in certain States.

If you have any questions about using this program, please send an email to

Important: If you are wishing to return a product which has a cracked or broken monitor screen or has any sign of visible leakage, please send an email to assistance.

A toll free number (1-866-337-1078) is provided should it be necessary to speak to a representative if you need assistance regarding this program.

Please click the “Next” button below, if you would like to proceed with using this program to return an item for recycling.

Before you proceed, please read the following documents carefully:

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  3. Take-back program policy